"Whether you’re doing too much or too little, both lead to the same results: new employees that feel lost, unsupported and more likely to leave. “Too much” often means a few mandatory courses on an LMS. PDFs dotted around the intranet. Departmental rules left on desks. A portal full of dull content. Scattered, unfocused and slightly overwhelming.

When working with various companies to improve their onboarding experiences, all too often they come from the “too much” camp. Their new joiners – their lifeblood – didn’t really know where to turn for information, support and guidance.

So we took a different approach, creating a clear strategy that allowed employees to find support at the point of need. We allowed people to connect, share and discover content on their own terms. The experiences we have built exceeded engagement targets by over 500%, and helped them to retain talent for longer."


                                                                 Johnathon Helm - Business Developer at tilt    


This 3D motion piece is designed to advertise the services at the Brighton based digital agency tilt. 


  • Sound Design

  • Music

  • Audio Editing